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For more than three centuries, from to , the forests of the Morvan region of France sent timber down the rivers to Paris. This vital source of energy was controlled by powerful wood merchants. The stakes were indeed high: As head of the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, Kent Nagano has conducted many original projects that demonstrate his marked interest in the culture of his new home country. Above all, he wants to understand the people around him and bring them the music wherever they are: In telling the story of the famous explorer who discovered the splendour and power of the Chinese Empire, it provides intriguing insights into the source of the fascination China holds for Marianne Trudel, who has already released six albums, is a pianist, composer, improviser and arranger.

Her music, inspired by french songs, brazilian rythm and contemporary jazz, bears testimony to her openess to the world. Energetic and passionate, she has a busy career as a performer The turmoil swallowed me. When it was over, I was a man. A pretty unusual teenage crisis! Xu Xing, a Chinese writer, revisits his early years which were ravaged by the Cultural Revolution. It cost him his illusions, his Thai choreographer Jitti Chompee seeks a perfect balance in this gravity defying creation.

Hollywood produces films per year on average when Bollywood produces more than Its colourful industry is drawing Russian ballerinas, star look-alikes who become heroes of the masses, fans who go to ridiculous lengths for their idols, stuntmen who risk life and limb and scores of After ruling the country for 67 years, the great pharaoh dies at the ripe old age of His mummy is burried in the heart of the Valley of the Kings.

This is the beginning of his great In the 20th century, Daniel-Lesur was recognized as a genius of religious music by modernising the ageless sacred genre in his most popular creation: The French Renaissance was a golden age for choral music.

Songs by Dufray and Bouzignac provided the In , thirteen-year-old Kerson Leong stunned the jury of the Yehudi Menuhin competition in Oslo to the point where they wondered if he should have even been competing in the under-sixteen category!

Since then, the rising young canadian star has performed all over the world. At only 18, Stephen Waarts is the rising star of classical violin. The Montreal Symphony Orchestra has invited Sir Roger Norrington, the British conductor famous for his recordings using 18th and 19th century instruments as well as the dazzling German virtuoso Arabella Steinbacher to perform Brahms violin concerto, a must from the classical repertoire Sébastien Giniaux is one of the brightest stars of the new generation of the "gypsy jazz" school of guitarists inspired by Django Reinhardt.

He has performed in over 45 countries with artists such as Stochelo Rosenberg, Biréli Lagrène, Taraf de Gregory Walker is a concert violinist who feels trapped in the classical music culture and being forced to perform the big hits of classical music season after season. He sets out on a personal journey, in search of renewed inspiration.

The following year, the 4 leaders of the movement were arrested and sentenced to life in prison. According to the media, they were targeting the symbols of This concert takes us on a voyage spanning two centuries and two hemispheres. This film is an exceptional daily account of the tragic fate of the whole imperial family until its demise in July It is the story of a drama unfolding while History is on march, from the February and However its origin goes way back, in a long forgotten traditional art that a Japanese shadow master wants to bring to a new audience.

His quest takes him to a remote Through findings shared by prestigious archeologists and with the help of CGI, we It was actually based on a true story of 2 hoodlums locked away in a gruesome In this no ordinary concert, the great violinists Shlomo Mintz and Cihat Askin appear with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, playing instruments that belonged to Holocaust victims. Often severely damaged, the violins were found in liberated death camps and deserted ghettos after the This concert is one of those exceptional moment when everything comes together in a somptuous and thrilling synergy: June , Beijing, Tian Anmen Square.

It is a bloodshed, with nearly a thousand killed. Friendly policemen, gazing tourists and Mao In America, the Maryknoll Sisters are truly iconic. Far from the clichés of Catholic nuns removed from the turmoil of the world, they have been witnesses and sometimes active players in some of the major historical events of the last Century such as the Chinese revolution, the Some of the videos featuring the young Ukrainian pianist have achieved more than eight million views on YouTube.

Vincent Boucher is the new organ virtuoso. He has won an impressive and growing number of prizes and awards from Canada, his homecountry, and all over the world. He has played many truly outstanding organs such as those in Notre Dame de Paris along with others in Austria and the United This series will revisit the facts before answering that intriguing question posed by the title.

How well do you remember the past? Patrons and clients were shared. A possible meeting in Vienna in the spring of took place. Music historians are consistently finding Beethoven in the wake of Mozart and vice versa.

Finally, the young flautist joined the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra where his magical flute has been working its spell. This Royal Academy of Music alumnus is also quite fluent in contemporary music with regular If society has an influence on architecture, the reverse is also true in the sense that some projects come to define a city, a region or a country. This series spans the globe charting projects from China to the Middle East from Africa to Europe, from small innovative constructions like A thousand years ago, adventurers left China crossing the endless desert in a quest for another world.

Their crossing led the way to what would become the Silk Road. For centuries, the Silk Road, even if inhospitable, was nevertheless the stage of intense traffic and trade in which Salvador Dalí is one of the most widely recognized and controversial artists of the 20th century. Little known is that he was also an avant-garde filmmaker collaborating with such giants as Luis Buñuel, Walt Disney and Alfred Hitchcock though his fascination with film has From the high-octane fashion circuits of Milan and Paris to the drug-ridden underworld The uniqueness of man.

In this two-part documentary, fossil hunters, linguists and psychologists come together for the first time to explain why humans are so unique. We alone can create spaceships and play music. Time has not dimmed the Jackie Kennedy mystique. Millions of people are still captivated by the details of her life and something more: As First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy brought beauty, intelligence and much taste to her role.

Her courage during the tragedy In , an old cargo ship, the Zhan Dou 43, ended its long career somewhere in China. This seemingly mundane event marked the end of the most incredible maritime and industrial saga. The Zhan Dou 43 was launched in Baltimore in and was the last Liberty Ship still plying for trade It unveils the greatest landmarks and the history that presided over their construction, Less than 48 hours before the terrorist attacks of September 11, , Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by two men disguised as journalists.

He was an icon of resistance to the Soviet Union and, subsequently, to Islamic fanaticism. Today, the outlandish commander is as Through time and across civilizations, Man has always given a spiritual dimension to Earth and Nature. For instance, water has been the source of numerous legends and rituals while animals have been assimilated as divinities or messengers of the gods.

Être notifié des commentaires sur cette liste. Listes à l'affiche voir plus. Tom Wolfe palamede 14 livres. Les routes de l'esclavage letilleul 78 livres. Destination Aventure Sauveterre 56 livres.

Péchés capitaux, Tome 1: Les Mauvais rêves ; La Cité des.. Monolinguistes et Psychanalyse Lewis Trondheim. Comme un animal en cage Vin.. Les Dernières Actualités Voir plus. Masse Critique Non Fiction. Les plus belles planches de la BD érotique Vincent Bernière 1 critique 1 citation Un beau livre et érudit et très intéressant, que je recommande, et dont est tirée la liste ci-dessous un quart.

Ajouter à mes livres. La Survivante - L'Intégrale Paul Gillon 2 critiques Paul Gillon - après l'apocalypse à Paris, parsemée de scènes érotiques, pour redécouvrir une époque Ajouter à mes livres.

Scandales Giuseppe Manunta Giuseppe Manunta - Enfin Manunta, un auteur de talent aux histoires toujours drôles et soignées Ajouter à mes livres. Les sextraordinaires aventures de Zizi et Peter Panpan Gérard Lauzier 3 critiques 2 citations Gérard Lauzier - , la révolution sexuelle est en marche.

Sois vicieux Matthias Schultheiss Matthias Schultheiss - un peu comme un catalogue de perversions, réalisé en couleur directes avec des encres mais édité en noir et blanc Ajouter à mes livres. Fous d'amour Jean-Marc Reiser 1 critique 2 citations Jean-Marc Reiser - humour, lucidité pour un dessin plus proche du dessin de presse au trait inégalable Ajouter à mes livres.


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